• Memo to parents before visiting the dentist with a child
  • Dental treatment without preparation (without a dental drill)
  • Child psychologist
  • We know everything about children's teeth.
  • Fluoridation


For children of preschool and primary school age, we recommend to have indoor shoes! Putting on shoe covers may cause additional psychological discomfortfor a child visiting the dentist (especially for the first time). The use of your regular home shoes, as well as adaptation to the situation in our game room, will create a favorable positive attitude of the child before treatment or examination. Any additional questions you can ask us by phone or e-mail.

Children's Dentistry "Julia" in Cherkassy - is a separate children's office, where the dentist of the children's reception is in conference. There is a children's playroom and children's psychologist, who, if necessary, will prepare your child for the reception.

The need for the services of a dentist arises for a person since the eruption of the first tooth, that is, from infancy. Paradoxically, but already at this age a restless carieslies in wait for a child. He is the leader in the list of traditional diseases in children. As a rule, parents do not pay special attention to the condition of the milk teeth of their children: - “They will fall out anyway.” This recklessness entails their early loss, which contributes to the displacement of permanent teeth and anomalies of the jaw development. Moreover, sick baby teeth are a chronic infection involving the germs of permanent teeth in the carious process. Among all doctors whose visits are compulsory for children, the dentist is the least popular. Such a common problem is easily solved in the dental center "Julia".

One of the main tasks of a pediatric dentist is the psychological preparation of a child for treatment. Qualified specialists of our clinic establish contact with young patients based on their age and psychological characteristics.

Our clinic has a professional psychologist with many years of experience who, if necessary, will prepare your child for the receptionin a game form. For the comfort of our youngest patients, we have organized a modern medical base, where the equipment is specially designed so that the psyche of the child does not receive stress. Children's specialists are good psychologists who have the skills to establish contact with the child, who are able to arrange the patient for voluntary examination and treatment with the help of the game or emollient conversation.

We also offer dental treatment without preparation (without a dental drill), it is worth noting that this is a unique service for the city of Cherkasy.

We considered the design of our office with a special attention. During the treatment procedures, kids can enjoy watching their favorite cartoons, and after visiting the doctor will receive a nice gift. The friendly team of children's dentists in our clinic will make a visit to the doctor fascinating and interesting, both for children and their parents. The child will receive qualified help, and after consultation with a specialist, he/she will be happy to take care of his/her teeth.

A free “HYGIENE LESSON” is held regularly in our clinic where the doctor will tell your child in a playful way how to properly perform the obligatory hygienic procedures and give close consultation to parents.

With the focus on the little patients of our clinic, we provide FREE advice to parents on the following topics:

  • - correct and timely use of toothbrushes and dental floss;
  • - we make the schedule of the recommended preventive visits;
  • - explain how dangerous caries on baby teeth can be;
  • - we monitor the timely removal of milk teeth.

So, we are waiting for you with your baby since the appearance of the first tooth! Every six months, these visits will provide your child with good oral hygiene.

Introduce your baby to the world of pediatric dentistry in our dental center “Julia”.

We know everything about the children's teethand will be able to solve any problem associated with them!