Cherkassy dentistry "Julia" is a cozy medical centre, which is fitted with modern equipment and where hand-picked medical staff work.

The task of dentistry "Julia" is to provide a highly qualified dental care for children and adults in the city of Cherkassy.

Dental clinic offers such a range of services:

  • free examination and detailed consultation of a dentist;
  • effective hygiene and prevention of various dental diseases;
  • ultrasonic teeth cleaning in a safe way;
  • professional cleaning of teeth by the Air-Flow method;
  • sanitation of the patient's mouth cavity before prosthetics;
  • all types of prosthetics;
  • full restoration of teeth;
  • instant X-ray diagnostics, namely radiovisiography;
  • teeth extraction for adults and children;
  • implantation;
  • decoration of teeth with Skyces;
  • provision of domiciliary dental care;
  • pediatric dentistry;
  • psychological preparation of a little patient for a doctor`s visit;
  • and other services of dentists with extensive experience.

Special attention is paid to CHILDREN'S DENTISTRY only in the dental clinic “Julia”..

As according to experienced dentists, the treatment of affected teeth in children of different ages is a complex and not an easy task and the decision must be made not only by a dentist but also by a psychologist.

Therefore in Cherkassy dentistry only professional child psychologists, who have sufficient experience working with children, permanently receive patients. If necessary, psychologists in a playful way will prepare your son or daughter for the future visit to the dentist.

Healthy teeth, as a rule, are given to a person only once and for life.
That`s why it is better to try to conserve to the full what nature gave us free of charge!